Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is the Pointillism

This is a post-it note drawing that i drew for my brother Andy's collaborative blog (P.I.P.) (The Post-it Project)

Check it out at.... The Post-It Project

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This painting was done after a trip to Ireland where my friends Richie  and Ruth were married, they suggested the name Sundial.
This piece has a vague Celtic theme running through it.

Sketches for Sundial

I was looking for an idea for my next piece. My daughter Izzy rifled through an old box of notebooks one day and left one  open, on the floor, with the page open with these sketches. I  used them in  a painting called sundial.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nantucket Sleigh Ride

I wanted to work on  a project relating to New England history. This painting is based on some historical prints of a "Nantucket Sleigh Ride" This is when a whale boat is dragged up to 23 miles an hour by a speared whale.

I almost did this painting in black and white (pen and ink) but decided to add some color to it.
 This is my study of the Egyptian Mosque of Muhammad Ali.
I used to fill my high school note books with many sketches of  cities, this brought me back there, if only for a moment,

Muhammad Ali

There was a weird used book store across from a suburban apartment I used to live in  . It looked like a barn, and eventually during a snow fall myself and my daughter wandered around the store. Iz ran around like a maniac. I found a cool book of arial photos of Egypt. I based a painting on it which I will put on my next post.